Virtual Office

Aamber minds virtual office is a business location that is designed for freelancer and startup business. A virtual office setup allows business to run with proprietor and employees to work from the office space provided for the particular client to meet their clients professionally.

A “virtual office space in Bangalore” used to mean a business that offered a receptionist, office space, maintains if require manager and accountant support and digital marketing with extra charges and conference room for consultants or proprietors who did not have their own locations. They paid a monthly service fee to use the phone and company branding with their name board for their own needs will be extra pay, customers in the conference room to present a will be a professional approach for gaining leads. It’s been a trend and low budget business starts up an idea in this competitive world.

Virtual office Corporavirtual officete Advantages

Virtual offices do not entertain the costs of leasing a building, or purchasing and maintaining it with janitorial and gardening services as well as providing furniture, internet connection and maintains for the employees and customers.


Without the need to buy physical supplies and facilities, a virtual company can expand more quickly than a traditional one. If a business opportunity in a particular location is seen, the virtual company can hire candidates to handle transactions there. He can then visit customers personally and conducts business more effectively with a handshake rather than with a document. Once the business is peak same can be expanded with Aamber minds plug and play office with 10+ seaters.